TATRAS announces the Spring/Summer 2023 campaign visual featuring a Paris based creative studio, “MAS Studio”.

The Spring/Summer 2023 campaign further represents the functionality of TATRAS and the striking silhouettes, focusing on the inherent appeal of the brand’s collection serves as a nod to its roots and heritage, showcasing the timeless quality of TATRAS.

The TATRAS ‘s latest campaign was expertly crafted by MAS Studio, a full-service styling, art direction and production agency. The studio’s dedication to excellence and passion for innovation are evident in the successful outcome of this project.

It features two striking visual elements, namely campers, which effectively demonstrate the brand’s commitment to functionality and technical superiority. These images serve to highlight the key strengths of the TATRAS brand, including the durability and versatility of its clothing, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear. Additionally, the campaign showcases the brand’s distinctive use of color and its ability to create beautiful silhouettes that leave a lasting impression. The performance-focused design of TATRAS clothing reinforces the wearer’s strength and confidence.

The TATRAS 2023 Spring/Summer Collection is a bold reimagining of the brand’s signature style.
By incorporating elements of sophisticated military design, the collection adds a moderated touch of sophistication to the mature and conservative aesthetic that has long been associated with TATRAS.
This collection also showcases a genderless approach to fashion, with the introduction of collarless designs for men and ladylike elements in the traditional men’s coat, as well as the inclusion of silver zippers in not only men’s but also women’s items.

The collection seamlessly blends new and innovative thinking with traditional strengths, such as the elegant use of orange as the dominant color and the updating of classic washer fabric with a modern sensibility. With this collection, TATRAS is poised to tackle any challenge the elements may bring.

Campaign site:https://tatrasconceptstore.com/pages/tatras23ss