Releasing the newest campaign with a sense of energy and movement.

TATRAS releases the 2022 Autumn & Winter Collection campaign with a sense of energy and movement. The collection come to life in a series of strong portraits, shot in-studio as well as in urban settings, perfectly capturing the versatility of the down jacket and collection as a whole.

Marking the 15th year anniversary, this season’s campaign visual focuses on revisiting the brand roots and encapsulating the full essence of the products, which shifted from the fantasy-like 22SS’ visuals with VFX.

To create this world, TATRAS collaborated with one of the most exciting up-and-coming talents in the industry right now: Jason Yan Francis, having the perfect point-of-view to bring to life the TATRAS collection in a modern and sophisticated way.
With the artistry and creativity of the director, the campaign visuals are filled with motion and movements with the use of variety of techniques such as lo-fi look and slow shutter speed.

The film followed the stills aesthetic with an emphasis on movement and blurred silhouettes.
Using creative techniques – top shots, extreme low angles – we create interesting perspectives to bring to life the collection in vibrant motion.

TATRAS was founded with the mission to perfect an accessible, beautiful down jacket.
The result was outerwear of the highest quality with impeccable construction, made from exclusive Japanese performance fabrics and Italian milled wool.

The name TATRAS stems from the Tatra Mountain chain on the border between Poland and Slovakia.
As a result of pursuing high-quality white goose, the brand name is inspired by the rich nature of Poland and the Tatra Mountain Chain.
The beautiful landscape and the drastic climate changes influenced the creation of a high-performance down jacket that embodies essential elegance in the urban lifestyle.

As the brand concept states, TATRAS’s down jacket accompanies anyone for any occasion, specifically in the urban domain. As an “ageless” brand, we believe there are two key factors to consider to effectively evolve with society in the long term: having a creation that both excels a trend and is supported by many generations, being actively handed down from parents to their children, and so on.